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Tracking Participant Numbers During Capacity Limit


I recently hosted a meeting which reached its maximum capacity of 100 participants (I have Zoom One Pro). After noticing the room was full, I promptly upgraded my plan to accommodate 300 attendees, but this action was taken approximately 30 minutes into the meeting.


From my understanding, potential attendees who tried to join during the period of overcapacity would have received a "meeting is at capacity" message. What I would like to know is if there is a way to determine the number of individuals who attempted to join the meeting during that 30-minute window but were unable to due to the cap.


This information is crucial for me in order to assess the impact of capacity limits on our meetings and better plan for future events. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on this matter, whether it's a built-in feature I may have overlooked, or if there is a different approach to gather such data.



I viewed the report which indicated a total of 249 participants. However, when selecting the "Show Unique Users" option, the participant count dropped to 211. I am unsure how to interpret this discrepancy. Does this difference of 38 participants represent individuals who attempted to join the meeting during the initial 30-minute period but couldn't due to reaching the capacity limit?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @StephKL.


I’m not an expert in interpreting the reports, but my belief (based on my experience) is that anyone who attempted to join while the capacity was maxed out are simply ignored, as they are not actually meeting attendees.


If you had a Business Account or higher, I’d recommend having your internal Zoom Admin or Owner contact Zoom for guidance on hours to manage this. But as a Zoom Pro account, you will get some assistance here from the experienced Zoom user community, but your support options are a bit limited. 


Seems to me like you need to keep the Large Meeting 500 Add-On… and monitor when approaching that limit and consider the 1,000 add on. 

Personally I’d highly recommend switching to Webinar. Here’s info from the Zoom pricing pages:

  • From 
    • Large Meeting 500 is $50/month
    • Large Meeting 1000 is $90/month
    • There is no license for Meetings over 1000 – that’s the Meeting limit. 
  • From
    • Webinar 500 is $79/month
    •  Webinar 1000 is $340/month
    •  There are higher capacities available for Webinars, if you get really successful!

You might also consider a Zoom Events Sessions License in the Pay Per Attendee plan. For $2 per attendee or less, you can have some additional functionality. Plus you can configure whatever capacity you want – including “unlimited” – and only be charged for actual attendees, not a “capacity”.


If you’d be interested in seeing a Zoom Session demo, let me know. I’m a Zoom customer, not in Zoom sales – no pressure, just happy to demo, chat, and share ideas with you at no cost. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you a Calendly link. 

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