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Too low resolution in recorded videos


Hi all,

I've been having the same recording problem with meeting and webinar recordings for some time now: some - not all - have too low a resolution. The video is then blurred in the recording (I record on my own computer).

As always, I use a strong photo lamp and a screen lamp, and I also have a lot of daylight. I haven't found a way to change the resolution.  I am using Zoom recordings several times a week since 2019 and the problem only arose last year.

Can anyone help me? Would be so great!



When you start a meeting, click on the small arrow next to your camera icon and go to VIDEO SETTINGS. Under MY VIDEO: Make sure that ENABLE HD is checked. You should now be able to record a meeting in HD (1280x720). To get the highest possible quality recording choose: Record on this Computer.




Thank you very much for your answer, Will! I have always had HD enabled. And I record on my own computer.
The reesolutation problem ONLY occurs, when I use Zoom Meeting/ Webinar with only my own host window. As soon as I talk to another panelist or host a meeting with others, the resolution of the recorded video of the group or team is always great. very strange! When I do not find a solutation for that, I need another webinar and video program (and can only use zoom for meetings with others). 

I'm having the same issue.  Use Logitech 1080HD webcam, and have tried everything. Someone said to record to the cloud and that would resolve the issue.  It doesn't!  





I am dealing with the same problem. I am recording the meetings on iPhone 15 or Macbook Air, having extra lights, strong internet connection, saving on device, HD enabled. Everytime the video is nice quality in live meeting, but very poor in recording. Have you found a solution for this please? Thank you. Tereza

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


How many participants are in the meeting?


Resolution of Zoom recorded video 



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usually there is me + 1 or me + 6-10 participants. Is there something I could set up better? Would you reccommend cloud or local saving then?


Thank you!




This is a nightmare. I am local recording with 2 participants, camera HD enabled and participant view in full screen. Although, it records in 360p!! not in 720p, not in 1080p! Help, please!


I have exactly the same issue, tried everything. Some one should solve it, please!


I'm facing same problem, the recording video only 360p, even I'm using cable high speed internet connection , and setting to HD recording.

I solved the problem in my case. What I had before: good wifi, good lights (at least I thought so) , HD enabled webcam and all the apps not needed closed during recording. I added three extra lighting stands in the room, put them at the highest brightness and recorded in the computer. My first recorded video uploaded on youtube was HD and 4 K!  I had all the lights on in the room + the new  lights and it was a sunny day. The others videos have been all HD. 




has anyone been able to solve this issue ? 

We have exactly the same probleme here 😞

The video are now only in 360p while it used to work with the same computer / webcam (and from a worst internet connexion 🤔)

The HD checkbox is selected, we don't know what to do anymore as it used to work perfectly before.

This is really annoying as the recordings are such of a low quality that they are blurry, which isn't working for us as they are part of our paid product 😔