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Times out after 40 mins. One host & One participant?


New to zoom, trying to get me head around it.  Why does is time out after 40 mins despite  only one host and one participant that remain throughout?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Often this is caused by someone disconnecting and rejoining the meeting, which Zoom counts as 2 separate joins to the meeting. Between those 2 joins by that participant and your joining, that makes 3 participants and begins the 40-minute limit. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Thank you, and have read and re-read your advice. Is it conicidental that every single student this week has done this and the 40 minute countdown has commenced? I think it's coincidental that after the zoom upgrade this week I have had this problem. please help