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Time and Date of Scheduled Meeting not showing up on invite


I’ve scheduled a meeting and sent the user the meeting room link. Why when they open on their phone (via the app) is the time and date of the meeting not showing up?


We've moved to GSuite - its better integrated and simpler. Plus we don't have to 'login' to Zoom everytime - Using GSuite & Chrome - you're already logged in. so you simply click on the meet in your calendar.


Additionally, Anyone who uses Outlook has not suffered the impending catastrophic crashes when you get to about 2 years of mail - and it spamming 1/2 the legitimate emails coming from clients and potential clients - resulting in lost opportunity/sales. Even after you modify the outlook spam filter settings - it quietly disposes of mail sent to you - without any notification.

Great, but nobody seems to understand the simplicity of the issue here. We don't want to mess with calendars - Gsuite, outlook thunderbird, no software or apps required.  whatever. All we want is to see the date and time of the meeting in the emailed invite to the meeting. Seems like a simple ask of Zoom, but all they do is suggest complicated workarounds instead of fixing the problem. It's a very simple fix. It would be done by now if they had any interest in user feedback and product improvement.


What I fail to understand is that for ages Zoom included the date and time of the meeting in the invites and it is only since I did an update that it has been removed.  So please could someone at Zoom just switch the button back on that they turned off and we can all get on with our lives.  If you did it before and thought it was a good idea you were right.  So just do it and we can all get on with our work please.


I have the exact same issue.  Are they clueless about how irritating this is?  Seems like a quick fix!


Zoom should be smart enough to fix the date and time problem. This is a bit of an irritant when I am scheduling weekly meetings. PLEASE FIX.


My experience is ZOOM does NOT include meeting time and date in Invitation

unless organizer puts  invitation subject line.

But Google Meet does!

Here is an Invite I got today from Google meet:

the time and date  are listed.


- - - - - - -

Here is  a ZOOM invitation I got recently.

NOTE NO TIME of meeting



If google can do it, why not Zoom?





This is frustrating because I am not on outlook and dont have a date and time showing for my meeting invite. Very flawed design by Zoom not to include the most important details to actually meet... 


Zoom is an online video meeting software right? Very poor execution


I agree with this absolute frustration - why doesn't Zoom do the most basic thing when I copy the invitation from the home screen? What do you need to know about a meeting -

1. The zoom link

2. The date of the meeting

3. The time of the meeting

Zoom invitation manages the first of these only! Bizarre!


Zoom, you can make so many people happy if you solve this simple issue.  What gives with the lack of response?


This is a change from the previous version so has happened during the update.  It is impossible now to see the date and time zone of the meeting in the invitation as you did before.  This is not an improvement as if you are dealing with clients across the world, as I do, it is impossible to know if the time and date shown is correct for the region you have chosen in the zoom app!!!  It is too late when the meeting link has been saved and the invitee cannot attend the meeting at the right time.  This should be reinstated as it is definitely a backward step!!!  As soon as you copy the invitation and paste it in the email as I do you should get the date and time and this should not be left to do via your calendar app.  Very unhappy customer!!!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

What version of the client are you using and what calendar integration are you using?

Not helpful questions - as I think you will see if you read ALL the comments in relation to this, Zoom has made a mistake in its updated version.  The general appeal is for this the be rectified.  It seems it can only be rectified by your coders  to include past feature of automatically showing the date and time on copied invitations.  It would be good if you can bring this to whomever can rectify and not ask us any further questions.  Many thanks for your work and dedication, I do not mean to be disrespectful but straight and to the point in the hope that action can be taken by Zoom.  

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

If you are using the schedule button from the client, at the bottom of that schedule window is a checkbox for an external calendar and a drop selection for Other Calendar.  When you hit the save button, you get a pop-out window that has all of the information in there to be copied out.  Screenshots are below for reference.

The way the ICS file is written, the data is in there in a format to be imported by a calendar application so it is in that format and why it doesn't appear in the body of the calendar.  I'm sure it could be replicated into both areas which is the point you are making, correct?  To that end, this may be a suitable workaround and I can see if our product team is aware of the change.

Unless I am mistaken, the challenge is when you are using Zoom without any email/calendar integrations.  Would that be correct?





Hi townsendwc
Correct-I do not constantly check some other software to see when Zoom meeting has scheduled me  a meeting.
Wedding invitations include the time and date of the wedding, they do no refer you to Microsoft calendar.  When you invite a guest over, it is courtesy to tell them when they are to show up. The date is often the most important part of the invite and Zoom hides it in some other software.


I encountered the same problem after update this morning.  Very annoying and taking up time to cut and paste date and time.  It is essential for my clients that they can see date and time of meetings.


Zoom will never change - because they have no idea what the real problem is. They think that when you get a request to participate in a zoom meeting, that you just have to save it and then you know. They are not smart enough to understand YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ACCEPTED!!!!! So simple but sooooo far away...