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This meeting has expired.


In our office, many individuals will set up meetings on their google calendar and then select "Make it a zoom meeting." Then when I book these meetings, I need to access the zoom link through the joining instructions. Lately, I have been receiving the message "This meeting has expired," when I click on the Joining Instructions for some but not all of the meetings. 


When I search for help, I received guidance to update the chrome extension. However, some of the individuals who created their zoom meetings are not using Chrome, but rather are accessing their google calendar using Safari.


Short of deleting and recreating the meetings, does anyone have any recommendations of what to do?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I would check with the person who scheduled these meetings and ask them to see if the meeting is still listed on their Upcoming meetings in the web portal. It sounds like they created the meeting once in the calendar, but then duplicated the event without changing the Zoom meeting as well. This could mean that the underlying Zoom meeting expired, which they typically do after 30 days of not being used (read more here), while the calendar still shows all the details. 


I have this same problem.  It occurs for me anytime anyone in the meeting cancels it at their end.  It happens immediately.  When I have a recurring group call and one person cancels on their calendar the meeting expires.  The link itself still works, but if I need to copy/paste the link to someone the link tells them another meeting is in progress.