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The host requires authentication on the commercial zoom


I am very frustrated with Zoom Commercial subscription. My clients did not have any login issues when I was on free zoom other than the limit of 40  minutes.


Now my cleints are constantly getting the message "The host requires authentication to join this meeting. Please log in with a commercial zoom account to join.


This message is so ambigious. 


I am asking the zoom team - Why are you telling my clients that the host needs authentication to join this meeting. I have paid for the subscription and invited my cleints. Then the next sentence says that "Plaese log in with a commercial zoom account. Why are you asking my cleints to log in with a commercial account. Z

Zoom team - your error message is absolutely confusing and very ambigious. I am not at all happy with your product. Please refund my fees.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



This message  means the meeting or webinar is configured to require authentication. You must have set the meeting up with this setting.


To successfully join the meeting or webinar, participants must sign in to Zoom with an email address authorized to join the session. 


 When this setting is enabled, sign-in to Zoom is enabled, and all participants are required to have at least a free (Basic) Zoom account and be signed in when joining the meetings.

You can disable the authentication requirement by editing the meeting.


The following link will have details on how to edit  the authentication setting for this meeting or for your future meetings:; 




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