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The dark green box problem occurs when sharing a screen


Dear Zoom team,


I am writing to report a persistent issue I have been facing with your software. Whenever I start a meeting, a dark green box appears and disappears in the chat menu or every window I open that is not being shared. This issue has occurred on Windows 7 and Windows 11 operating systems.


I have attached a video I took during a shared screen of a class, which shows the problem in action. Due to this issue, I have been unable to record good classes, and it has become a major challenge for me.


I have been using Zoom for ten years with different accounts and have never encountered this problem until now. Despite trying various solutions, such as changing settings, reinstalling the software, updating my graphics card driver, and resetting my Windows, the issue remains unresolved and none of these methods has resolved the issue.


As a loyal subscriber, I urge you to consider finding a permanent solution to this issue. I have submitted a report with ticket number 16889254 through two different accounts. However, I have only received repeated responses asking me to check my settings, which have not solved the problem. I implore you to prioritize your subscribers' needs and take prompt action to fix this problem.


I hope to hear from you soon regarding a permanent solution to this issue. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Best regards,

MehDi Bakhshi