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The calendar permission configuration is incorrect


We have 6 devices in our office using ZoomRooms + calendar integration.  A couple of weeks a go we had the following error on our devices : "the calendar credentials are either expired or invalid"  After having this error resolved  4 out of 6 devices are working again but on two devices the error changed into:  "the calendar permission configuration is incorrect" 

We are unable to fix it, can anyone advise?  We already have  forced a re-sync of the calendar services from the Zoom account.



I am also running into this issue with a few of our zoom rooms and looking for a resolution. Have not been able to find much on this. I also have a forced re-sync of the calendar as well.

Would appreciate any input on this, thank you!


I was able to remedy this with my devices by making sure the calendar I have integrated with O365 and zoom portal correctly.

Hope that helps!


We had this issue and traced it to a security setting on the Exchange server (onPrem), 

We had to review and make and exception with the Exchange Extended Protection that was release around September. Interestingly these had been set for some time but decided to block Zoom today - perhaps there has been a backend change within Zoom. Hopefully this will point someone in the right direction and save some time.