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The Camera turns on for the person that speaks, and shuts down the hosts camera


I do a syndicated radio program with a cohost who joins the Zoom meeting. So there are just the two of us doing the show. The webmaster has setup our website to video stream the show. When it is just us two in the zoom meeting, both cameras are on, so you can see each of us talking without the Zoom app shutting off any cameras.

When we start the Stream we have to enter the Zoom meeting number at the website. However when we start the show and I'm talking, it only shows me, and turns off my co-host's camera. And then when he talks, it cuts off my camera. Funny thing is, is when I invite him to the meeting, and we do the show, both cameras stay on, and we can see it other when we both talk. That's what I want to stream to the site. Both him and I talking, doing the show.


But when I type in the Meeting number at the website and start the zoom meeting that way, it starts that issue of showing only the person that is speaking. Is there anyway to keep both cameras on (just 2) when doing the show, and streaming that to the website?