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Testing link, then...End Meeting for All or Leave Meeting?


Hi, I am new to hosting. I scheduled a one-time meeting, clicked the link to test it, then clicked "Leave Meeting" in order to close the screen. I was afraid "End Meeting for All" would make the link not work - as in, the meeting is over, so the link won't work. However, in searching on Zoom for the answer, I came across something about timeouts with inactive meetings. Now I'm concerned this "meeting" is running without any users and will get deactivated. (It's not for another 5 days.) Which should I have chosen? 


Apologies if this has been posted before - it didn't come up with the searches I did.


I appreciate any help! Thank you!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi there, 

End meeting for all is an option only the host of the meeting would have and it just makes everyone leave that current meeting session. The meeting can be restarted, as the link and meeting will still be available for about 30 days. 

Phew, thank you!

You can check to see if the meeting is still running by logging into the web portal. Click on meetings along the left-hand side and then hover over the name of the meeting you "left". You will see additional controls appear to the right of the meeting, if it is still running you will see a red "END" button.



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Is there any possibility to end the meeting but at 8 p.m. to enter on the same link? I don't think I could stay with my laptop on zoom for 6 hours. I have this problem now.I enter on link for mistake and i dont know if i will end ,if the link it will work .