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Technical question about Zoom recordings


I use Zoom recordings (video) of conversations between people as data for my PhD thesis. More specifically, I recorded conversations between two persons in a breakout room after I turned off my video and sound, meaning I was not participating in the conversation other than doing the recordings. The recordings were captured in the period between May 2020-June 2021. I am wondering about whether the two participants that I recorded could see and hear exactly the same as I did in the recordings? For example, if I hear that the two persons are talking in overlap (at the same time), do both of them also hear this? I assume that the recordings capture the perspective of the person who is recording (my perspective) in terms of lay-out on Zoom (e.g gallery mode) , but is this also the case for the sound and video? As these are important details in my analysis, and I therefore need exact information about this. 

Thank you. 

/ Jenny