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Technical difficulties accessing a zoom meeting today 08/09/2021



We had 20 people attend a zoom meeting earlier today (10am-12noon) and around half of them experienced difficulties accessing the meeting using the Zoom link that we had sent out.  (we  use this zoom link every 2 months so it is tried and tested)

It kept buffering saying "joining..." for these attendees, both at their end and in the Zoom waiting room. The attendees were logging in from individual work and home locations around Southern UK. They tried various solutions including turning off their computer / device and / or using a different browser which seemed to work for some of them. 

Are some browsers more or less compatible with Zoom? If so which ones? 

Were there technical issues earlier today? or updates on Zoom making access harder than normal?

Many thanks



Similar issue here, All my colleagues could enter my meeting except one. He entered the waiting room, I admitted him, then it just buffered and spinned.


Same problem with buffering here today.

Some users admitted , others not.

This room has been used almost daily for over a year with no issues before today.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Are all your participants joining via a web browser - not via the Zoom client?


I do not see there were any problems reported on


  1. He has Zoom installed on his computer, it updated automatically just before the meeting. We have had many meetings over the last 12 months with no problems. He tested his internet speed and there were no problems there. The other six attendees had no problems.  I have suggested he uninstalls Zoom and reinstalls Zoom?

Thank you