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Talk over PowerPoint audio


Can someone give me the steps for an audience to hear my video music in PPT while I talk over it. The mic currently is combating against the two audio streams. Yes, I changed it to musicians audio. Put myself on headphones. Shared computer audio. Didn’t work. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I'd recommend mixing the PPT audio and your mic into a single feed via something like Voicemeeter (, and THEN setting your audio input to 'Original Sound for Musicians'.


In Voicemeeter, you'd bring in your hardware mic input and a virtual input (after setting your default output for PPT to Voicemeeter virtual input) and then send these out Voicemeeter's virtual output.

After that, you'd select Voicemeeter's virtual output as Zoom's mic input and ensure that original sound for musicians is selected.

When sharing the PPT, do not share sound, as this will be passing through your mic input already.


Have never had an issue doing it this way, but the method is a bit convoluted if you're not used to working with digital audio.