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Sync the mute/unmute status to HID device


Hi everyone,

I would like to develop a HID device with LED indicator, it can show the mute/unmute and camera on/off status with different colors, of course the device also able to trigger mute/camera on or off by sending keyboard shortcut.

My question is : if user triggers the mute/camera function by mouse click or keyboard, how can I know the mute status and update the HID device status?

Is there any standard API to do it? or it needs to write a plug-in ?

Thank you very much!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @davidyau0110,


I'm sure you're probably aware that there are several ways to get this information in general.  Unfortunately, there is no direct API call you can retrieve from the Zoom client app -- it's pretty much a closed system.


There may be a signal you can get through the web-based API, but that's not going to help your HID device driver.


You might take a look at the Zoom SDK, or directly at ZoomOSC which is a Zoom client built around the Zoom SDK and sends/receives OSC commands.  Either of these approaches would require you to log into the meeting separately with the SDK or ZoomOSC client, so while not directly usable for you, investigating these approaches might give you some additional ideas.  (Quick note: You can download and run ZoomOSC at no charge; certain OSC commands are reserved for a ZoomOSC Pro fee, and not necessary for general use and testing.)


I know a lot of folks that would really like a Mute/Unmute button with visual feedback; with some luck you could also command Zoom to mute/unmute without relying on a keystroke-based mechanism.


Good luck!

Ray - / BusinessIsZooming! Podcast / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Hi Ray,


Thank you for your reply, I will check the SDK and ZoomOSC.

One more question, do you know those certified hardware are able to do the mute/ camera function in sync?For example, the Poly sync series, will it turn on the mute indication if I enable the mute function by mouse click?

Or the certification doesn't care about this part?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@davidyau0110  – sorry to say that goes far beyond my scope of knowledge!

Ray - / BusinessIsZooming! Podcast / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
Please mark solutions that helped you !