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Survey - option to carry over the same survey content when next scheduling a MEETING


I use the same survey content every time I schedule a MEETING. Is there a way for me to not have to type in the content from scratch every time? I schedule MEETINGS 9 times a month and it seems like a tedious waste of time copying out the same survey content each time. I like the survey being part of the Zoom follow-up email so it is important for it not to be a third-party link (that is currently an option).


Anyone else come across this problem?


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @VIKI24 ,


This can be done via Zoom APIs.

First, you use the 'Get a meeting survey' API call to retrieve the survey setup from a meeting that has the survey configured, and save the results for future use. The results will be in JSON format.

Then use the 'Update a meeting survey' API call to copy the results from the above step to the meeting you want to update.

If you or someone from your company can code, you could update multiple meetings in one go with a script. Otherwise, you can use Postman to update the meetings one by one.





As a somewhat beginner in zoom and beyond 65 yoa, could you explain your process step by step for me.  I have 50 Zoom meetings scheduled this summer and certainly don't want to have to type 4 survey questions into each zoom meeting.  However, I do not understand how your process actually works.  For example:  what is API?

This is what I understand:


Go to Profile and login

Then what?

Thanks for your help.

I just tried to download and "Page not found."  Now what?