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Support Call - Client Side Meeting Controls + Client Windows getting in the way


Hey there, I'm on a Pro Plan and I've sent a support ticket, but of course, as expected in pure Zoom support fashion, Crickets! with no way to escalate my open ticket.

I run a Mac Online Tech Support Service and I work with beginners/seniors who are already nervous and easily frustrated coming into the call with their problems. 

During a Support Call, I cannot see "EVERYTHING" on the client's screen which makes it difficult to know where I'm clicking when trying to do my work for them due to the amount of floating Zoom windows or Zoom-related interface panels that are constantly in the way, that don't show up on my side. i.e. I only see their desktop.


As most seniors & beginners don't have two monitors, everything is all floating on one screen for them, requiring my clients to constantly move things around so I can access where I'm trying to click.  This is coming across as highly unprofessional. I've lost 2 clients because they got frustrated with the constant instruction to move these windows every 30 seconds, and of course, they will move the window to another area that then blocks my access and the cycle continues. 


How can I see "EVERYTHING" on the "CLIENT" side during a Support Call?


I've searched several times through Preferences settings on the Zoom App & the Zoom Accounts/Web pages but can't find anything related to what I'm trying to achieve.


Can someone please tell me how to achieve this? or at least confirm if this is possible or impossible to do?

If impossible, I'm open to people's suggestions on alternative apps/methods as I've reached my peak with Zoom and its terrible customer support.


Thanks kindly,


Mac 2018, Big Sur, Latest Zoom Build