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Suggestion on New Meeting or Schedule


I don't know about ya'all but it seems everytime I turn around someone else is starting a Zoom meeting.  


Our app has something called New Meeting or Schedule...and I get that is for MY personal use and room.


Is there a chance you could provide a scheduler for all these other zooms I attend?   The meeting ID link is limited

to so many and looking up the info for meetings I'm committed to is becoming quite a chore.


For some meetings it is click and go...if they are daily...some of my weekly disappear...and most of the monthly I have to go find.

I love the convenience of click and go which a scheduler could do.


If others in the community like this suggestion...could you post a Heck Ya...or something similar.   


Thanks in advance to the developers for the great app...and hope you'll consider my suggestion.


All best wishes to the community.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom has calendar integrations that work well for keeping meetings organized.  You should also submit your request/suggestion here

Please remember to mark responses as accepted if they resolve your issue.
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