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Stuck CTRL key while in meetings




I have been using Zoom for many years, so I am a very experienced Zoom user (I am a developer my self).


For the last months, I started to notice that while in a Zoom meeting, when copy/paste , open applications or ALT+TAB, that sometimes the keys are “stuck”, especially the CTRL key, resulting in unwanted operations occurring.

I never notice this when I am not in a Zoom meeting,  before the summer, it has worked just fine, never any problem but starting to noticing it since august this year.

I also today opened the on-screen keyboard, and I can see that the keys are sometimes stuck, to verify my problem. I see that the left/right shift, left/right CTRL, and ALTGr is keept pressed without me pressing those keys.


This is highly annoying, as I am never sure if CTRL C+V works,  and other operations also fails when CTRL is stuck. So, I have to press CTRL several times to get it unstuck.


I have tried CTRL +ALT +DEL while in meeting, but it does not help.

any suggestions? I don't have any special tools or other magic software installed.

It worked just fine before summer.


So, help 😊