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Stuck CTRL key while in meetings




I have been using Zoom for many years, so I am a very experienced Zoom user (I am a developer my self).


For the last months, I started to notice that while in a Zoom meeting, when copy/paste , open applications or ALT+TAB, that sometimes the keys are “stuck”, especially the CTRL key, resulting in unwanted operations occurring.

I never notice this when I am not in a Zoom meeting,  before the summer, it has worked just fine, never any problem but starting to noticing it since august this year.

I also today opened the on-screen keyboard, and I can see that the keys are sometimes stuck, to verify my problem. I see that the left/right shift, left/right CTRL, and ALTGr is keept pressed without me pressing those keys.


This is highly annoying, as I am never sure if CTRL C+V works,  and other operations also fails when CTRL is stuck. So, I have to press CTRL several times to get it unstuck.


I have tried CTRL +ALT +DEL while in meeting, but it does not help.

any suggestions? I don't have any special tools or other magic software installed.

It worked just fine before summer.


So, help 😊






Figured it out. It seems to be overheating that is the culprit. It only happened during Zoom meetings, and I thought it was some wierd Zoom bug or video driver bug when sharing screens. However, I noticed that it was a similar cluster of keys each time that got 'stuck' on. like 'dddedeedeed'. Then I noticed that after a Zoom call, directly under those keys was the hottest part of the laptop when I felt underneath it. I'm guessing the concentrated heat in that spot causes the laptop parts to heat up and accidentally close the contacts for those keys. Once the laptop cools (after rebooting) the rproblem goes away casue neither the CPU or the graphics card is under heavy load during a reboot. The solution was to get one of those cooling pads that sits under your laptop. This fixed the issue for me.