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Struggling with integration of Zoom Webinars and WooCommerce on site


I have Zoom (meetings and webinars) well integrated into my website, and integrated into Wordpress and WooCommerce.   It functions fine.   Now I'm trying to set up a Webinar that requires PAID registration for non-subscribers, with a discount for subscribers (making the webinar free for subscribers.)  I can't seem to figure out how to make this work for the life of me.

If I set up a Zoom Webinar on my site, it works great, but anyone with access to that page can join the webinar without registering.  If I "require registration" via Zoom, that doesn't integrate with the WooCommerce product page that where people pay to register.   If I only publish or send out the WooCommerce registration link, then logically, I wouldn't have the integrated Zoom meeting set up, but I would just be sending people a link to join the meeting. 

So confusing. If this makes any sense, I'd love to have your help.