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Streaming a MEETING to a Facebook EVENT


HI everyone. Help! 

I'm hoping you have some ideas for me. I am hosting an event THURSDAY and I need technical advice. This is a Zoom Meeting  that will be streamed to a Facebook EVENT on a business page. I've invited thousands of people to the Zoom event DIRECTLY TO THE EVENT using the FB event link.
In Zoom, it's simple to stream to a page, but I can't figure out how to stream it to the EVENT so when people follow the event link they end up in the right place.
I am also confused by the Facebook controls. The event set up dialog box has a streaming code to be used if you are not using your webcam to go live. I cannot figure out how to enter that into Zoom, or if I even need to.
When I practiced using Zoom's streaming function, it was simple to just broadcast the the page where the event is posted, but I am not sure if that will be what people see when they use the event link.