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Strange irregular connectivity delays


Hi there,


I've been experiencing very weird and upsetting connectivity delays over the past months, with irregular incidence (don't we love that! 😉 that I could find no solution for so far... 


Often, when I admit participants from the lobby into my zoom room, they are suspended ("lost in space") for several minutes, neither of us able to see or hear each other, until they finally appear, often only with sound at first, until a minute later the video appears.

Sometimes, when returning from breakout rooms, other participants can hear me, but i can't hear them nor see them, until 3 or 4 minutes have past. It's disastrous when leading workshops!


Upgrading Zoom (incl complete uninstall and fresh install) and upgrading my Mac OS  did not help. Creating a new user account did not help, either. Zoom Customer care did not reply to my emails. I'm desperate to find a solution and hope someone can help me here!


One hint to the issue that has come up with the latest zoom upgrade is the error message "meeting number mismatch" that displays on the apps bar on the right side which seems to coincide with the appearance of the above described irregularities. see screenshot attached.


Thanks so much for any hints! marc




I am having similar problems for the past 2 weeks or so. I tried absolutely everything and no success. I try contacting Zoom and I am trying to schedule a meeting with them for 8 days now.
I use windows 10.
I do not have any problem while using Microsoft Teams.

PS: Sorry, I don't have any hints but I want Zoom to see how many people are having the same problem.