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Stopping Zoom Screen Share with VLC Causes Zoom Window To appear on Monitor 2


When I stop a screen share from VLC player the extended Zoom Window appears on monitor 2. This happens even while VLC is still playing.  Here is the sequence of events.

1- Play a video from VLC player on screen 2. This is done by clicking the video in the playlist on monitor 1.

2- Start a screen share of monitor 2 using Zoom (Zoom is configured for dual monitors, always show meeting controls). The screen share is successful.

3- Stop a screen share from Zoom

4. The extended Zoom window will suddenly appear and cover over the video from VLC player playing on monitor 2.

5- To get the VLC video to show on monitor 2 I have to click again on the VLC window on monitor 1.


This problem only occurs with VLC player. I tested playing a video using "Films and TV" and another video player and I don't get this problem.


Has anyone experienced the same issue and found a solution? Your advice would be appreciated.


Kind regards