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Staying connected to a meeting with video on


Has anyone experienced starting a meeting, only to have your zoom window freeze and spontaneously close as soon as a guest joins the meeting. One window opens offering to share feedback with Zoom and then another opens and puts me back in the meeting, As long as I stop my video the meeting continues without interruption. I have video on for others with no negative impact. I have followed suggestions to update drivers, update Zoom, update Chrome. It doesn't happen for every meeting which makes it even harder to understand. Thanks for any insight you can share!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @JanB! Welcome to the community, and thank you for posting this. How strong is your internet connection? 

Generally the connection is good. I use a wired connection for better consistency as I'm teaching .


I should also add that this I've used Zoom successfully with multiple meetings daily

over the past 2 years without experiencing this issue until recently