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Spotlight Not Working Properly?


Okay, so we're having a Zoom event very soon and we're testing the Spotlight feature.


We had 4 participants to test spotlight with but it's only working with two participants.


The two others didn't have the "Add Spotlight" and "Replace Spotlight" option in the dropdown when we click the name.


We want to make sure we can spotlight guest speakers in the event...


Anyone experiencing this issue?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


There are some prerequisites around spotlight feature;

1. Only hosts/Co-hosts has access to spotlights

2. Zoom client version also need to be above 5.2.2. Please visit the link below for more details


If you have these conditions met and you're still having issues, I would suggest raising a ticket with Zoom support.

Hi @RajanB 


Don't forget Spotlighting spotlights someone for everyone.


If you just want participants to be able to pin something for themselves, just for their own view, they can "Pin " instead of Spotlight.