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Speaker view on iOS won't show host


I have latest iOS Zoom installed - 5.10.4 - and host an event weekly. Only I stream video and audio and all participants are muted with video off.


I cannot swipe right on my iPhone to display my video - even though I am the speaker as everyone else is muted. But the app will only show the first participant to join the meeting in speaker view. The only view I can get of myself is a tiny floating thumbnail which I can drag around the screen but cannot expand or make any bigger.


Also when I swipe left to view gallery, I am also not shown there either.


How to fix this? Zoom is pretty unusable without my being able to see my own video properly.



Well a week has passed and I haven't had any replies, and I just went through replicating exactly the same problem I reported last week which rendered Zoom unusable for me. I cannot believe I am the only person with this problem. I am extremely confident this is NOT the case.


Is there a configuration setting which makes the host speaker view suddenly appear on iOS? I am listed as a participant, and even when I am the only speaker, I am NOT shown on speaker view. I am not shown in the gallery. Exactly what gives?


This plus the nonsense about cracking down on password sharing AKA improving security by requiring OTPs and providing NO MEANS of turning them off is rendering Zoom far worse than a very frustrating experience - all after over 2 years of regular use mostly without issue. It is getting extremely close to being history. 


Fix this or we are off.


Hi@Ruffles , you maybe disabled show self view or non-video participants users by mistake. You can check your in meeting setting by clicking "More" (near the "Participants" button) -> "Meeting Settings". In General  section, you can enable "Show Non-Video Participants" and "Show Self View".


In the current version, you cannot pin yourself video to the active speaker view. But in the version 5.11.3, you can pin your video by double click.