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Speaker’s WiFi Signal Icon Color Meaning?


I participate in a class several times per week with less than 20 online students.  The teacher is at a facility with a Zoom license that allows many more than 20 participates.  I use the free Zoom client on a mid-priced Windows 10 laptop which is connected by WiFi to my router.  The teacher also connects to the facility’s router with WiFi.


When I select the Speaker display mode, in the lower left-hand corner of my screen I see a WiFi signal strength icon (several vertical bars of decreasing height from left to right).  The number of bars never changes, but the color sometimes changes from white to yellow to red .  When the icon is red, I usually experience freezing of the speaker’s video and/or audio.


What do the icon’s colors indicate?  Is it the capacity of the teacher’s WiFi connection to the facilities router and/or the signal congestion on the particular WiFi channel in use at the facility, or something else?  I don’t believe it refers to the capacity of my WiFi connection, because even if the teacher video freezes that of participant’s video that are displayed do not freeze.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @DFH 

Can you provide a screenshot of that signal strength icon and where it appears during the meeting? Just want to be sure we understand exactly what you're referring to. 

Hi @Bort

Thanks for your reply.  I think I can provide a screenshot during tomorrow morning’s class if necessary. 


Meanwhile, I Googled “WiFi icon," and saw that I had confused it with the icon for cellphone signal strength, except that usually cellphone signal strength has bars increasing in height from left to right.  As I recall, what I see on the Zoom speaker screen looks more like the image bellow, and it appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen (except that the fill color is normally white, but sometimes yellow or red):




I have the same questions as DFH with the Signal Bars next to the Speaker's Name in the lower lefthand corner – what does the different:

  • Colors mean (i.e., White, Yellow & Red)?
  • Number of Bars that are lit up? 

I assume one is for the Signal Strength incoming to me vs. the Signal Strength coming from the Speaker. 


On a 55-diaganal-inch screen it appears to me that, unlike cell phone signal strength icons, all bars are always the same color, i.e. all bars are always lit up.  The only change is the color.


I should also note that the image I posted ‎2022-08-08 at 03:18 PM is incorrect in that the  Zoom bar lengths are ascending from left to right rather than descending, and the name of the speaker is displayed next to the icon. 

Furthermore, in my original post the last line should have said "...participant's videos are not ALWAYS FROZEN."