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Sound very low on MSI Modern A11MU-825FR (Windows 11)


Hi everyone ! I face a very strange problem. When I use my headphones with my new PC MSI Modern A11MU-825FR, the sound of Zoom is extremly low, it's almost impossible to understand anything. However: - the sound works perfectly when I don't use zoom (for example if I watch videos on YouTube) - Zoom works perfectly if I don't have my headphones - I have done all the basic checks: sound system (of the computer) and the setting of zoom, everything is at 100% Could anyone please help me ? I am a student and I need my headphones to listen to the class at the library ...


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Alavava ,

Do you headphones have a microphone? I also have an issue using Zoom when Windows (macOS does the same thing) detects you are using a headset (with micro) and then changes the audio output (what you hear). The quality gets really bad. I workaround that issue on the Mac by selecting in Zoom the internal mic as the audio input and keeping the headphones as the audio output. On Windows you can also define by default the output and input devices.

BTW, this problem is not exclusive with Zoom; if I select the inbuilt mic from the headphones as input device, I get the same issue when joining meetings via other software (WhereBy site and MS Teams).

Hope this helps. Cheers,