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Sound: one phrase getting stuck over video


Hi held a live combined online meeting which I recorded. The online participants could only hear the same repeated phrase, like it had gotten stuck on top of the video and me speaking in the background (not audiable). The same was recorded. I reset the whole meeting, but the same happend.

When I've troubleshooted now with the same equipment it worked perfectly.

I've done this now for 3 years and it's never happend.


Has this happened to anyone before?
What happened and how can I avoid it?
Is it possible to recover the recording and remove the overlayer "stuck" phrase?


Thank you!




Hi @marieandrov 

I had the same issue a few times during these two last weeks.

Sound gets stuck in a phrase; the only option is to create a new meeting and invite people again.


I would like to know why it's doing that. I have Zoom Rooms installed on a MacMini, with a controller and scheduler updated to the last OS and Zoom Rooms Version, and the last report was two days ago.


Can someone put light on that, please?