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Sound on recording very poor


Hi, I'm trying to record a talk, but the sound is very poor and faint. I've tried every possibility, in the audio settings. during the audio tests the microphone is perfect. In the final recording, it is very faint.  Can anyone suggest a solution please ? Thank you so much! M.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mmds 

We have experienced cases like this.

The location of the lecture will be in the auditorium.
The auditorium microphone is connected to a laptop that is participating as a panelist in a Zoom webinar.
Preliminary testing will be done right in front of that laptop, no problem.
During the actual lecture, we will use the microphone in the auditorium.
The audio recorded by Zoom is faint.
The reason was that the microphone used for the Zoom webinar was set to the laptop's built-in microphone, so the speaker was too far away from the laptop for the audio to collect properly.

So we always try to do an audio test in the actual position where the speaker will be speaking if we are using an auditorium.

If your situation when you are experiencing problems is similar to the above situation, you may want to check to see if the Zoom microphone is selected correctly.