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Some participants can't see polls


Hi everyone,

I have a recurring issue with polls during meetings and was hoping to find an answer here what could be the reason for that.

I have a licensed Zoom Meeting account and keep my account updated regularly. As a virtual producer, I use the polling functionality very often and had overall a good experience with this tool.

But whenever I launch polls, I have one or two participants that are unable to see the poll at all (same goes for the in-meeting chat) and I usually recommend to download the Zoom client which I thought would eliminate the issue. But that tip did not work for all participants.


Are there any other requirements that I should be aware of? Which prerequisites need participants to be able to see the poll (and chat)?


Thanks a million in advance!




It's likely just that their desktop client isn't updating automatically and they haven't updated it since they downloaded it. If you asked them to check their client version you'd probably find it's a very old version.

I'd recommend instructing them to turn on auto-updates so they can use the poll feature in future meetings.