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Some Zoom Meeting Invitations Fail to Deliver


I have been using Zoom weekly for Bible study meetings with 6 friends for 1-1/2 year. For the past 3 meetings I got error messages from Comcast (***********) that the invitations failed delivery to 3 people ("permanent error"). Today it delivery failed to 2 of those same people. I am using Microsoft Outlook 365 for the invitations. Two of the three friends who failed to receive the invitations use gmail, but one of those two did go through today. Why all of a sudden do meeting invitations fail to deliver after 1-1/2 yr?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @WMichaelT you receive an error from Comcast (your internet provider) that your invitations failed? or is that your email provider and you're having an email bounce? There could be a number of things as there's no direct answer as to why this happened. This may help as well as why you're Not able to receive emails from Zoom


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