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Size of speaker window when recording


I have been recording my teaching presentations for a couple years.  I am sharing my screen (PowerPoint presentation), and have myself Spotlighted for everyone.  The presenter view and my image appears on the screen.  But when I record the lesson to my computer, the size of the speaker video changes.  It's about 50/50 small versus larger.  I would like it larger always!  See picture attached--would like the top result with the larger video size.  How do I ensure I always get the larger video window size?





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I have never found a way to manage the size of the speaker window when recording. Although, I have created presentations to host my video window appropriately.


Meaning when I share my PowerPoint I don't use the traditional Share Screen or Share PowerPoint, but rather I go to the Share -> Advanced tab and select PowerPoint as Virtual Background. That shares my PPT full-screen as my virtual background, and puts my video window initially in the bottom-right corner. My video window can be moved and resized. Also, I can design the layout of my PowerPoint to host this know shared layout so my video window is never on top of critical parts of the PPT deck.


I have confirmed that this records locally, just fine.




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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

Thank you for sharing that!  I just spent the last 10 minutes having a ton of fun with my head in front of my presentation.  i didn't know that was an option.  But I quickly realized a few things.  My slides have a lot of info on them and my head is always in the way.  It is not mirrored, so i always move the wrong way!  haha.  I really can't move (walk around).  And I can't use my remote control to advance the next slide.   It's a very cool solution, but i think i will stick with the video window off to the side.  Just want to always record large!


This looks and sounds like the perfect solution but I can't find the setting you mention of "Share -> Advanced tab and select PowerPoint as Virtual Background." I have Advanced when I hit the little arrow next to my share button, but it doesn't have many options. This is a paid account, too. I've looked elsewhere in other settings but have yet to find it.  You said it's used as a virtual background - does that mean it's literally like having the installed virtual backgrounds that most companies have their own branded background with logos? I couldn't get the PPT file to be accepted in that space - it's either video or photo files. If anyone has an idea of where I should look, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.