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Since 2-3 weeks, issue with lagging video (OBS, V4L2)


H folks,


I am using zoom for 1.5 Years, but most of the time, I am using BBB.


Since 2-3 weeks, my video is horribly lagging in Zoom, while it works without any issue in BBB.


Do you see any possibility, how I could get to the bottom of the cause? It is difficult, to tell my colleagues, to move to BBB 😐, but maybe I could do some research on this issue?


Technical Specs:

I am using Manjaro Linux on a Lenovo Ideapad (kernel 5.14.14-AMD-znver2) with a Ryzen 4700U and 16 Gigs of RAM. Internet accessand via Vodafone (1 GBit/s, cable).



Obs Studio with a video -> virtual camera -> Zoom and BBB simultaneously (both in Firefox V93), my CPU load is at ~ 50-60%, 60% RAM usage (some more FF-instances and apps ..) and there is no swapping. Result: BBB runs the video stream perfectly,  Zoom seems to show every 2nd or 3rd frame. Maybe I can create a Video and load it up to YouTube.


Has anyone an idea, where to look for the reason?


Kind regards,