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Sharing videos (e.g., YouTube videos) during a zoom meeting


Has anyone encountered this problem?

Recently, as a Meeting Host,  I have been unable to share and 'play' a video (like a YouTube or Vimeo video) during a Zoom meeting. I can cue it up before I start the meeting and start the video with no problem. But as soon as I start my meeting, when I share and try to play - it won't play.

Here are add'l datapoints:

  • When sharing - I check both "Share sound" and " Optimize for video clip"
  • I'm using a Windows PC (Windows 10 Enterprise)
  • Running on Version 5.11.1
  • Meetings have had less than 20 attendees
  • Network Speedtest shows: 
    • download speed: 283 mbps
    • upload speed: 18 mbps
    • latency: 12 ms