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Sharing screen participants can not hear audio from pc


During meeting when sharing screen and playing a video or song the participants can not hear the audio. Share sound button is selected. We have uninstalled and reinstalled zoom still the same issues. We are using a PC. 


Thank you in advance for your help.



Same issues here with i pad pro.  Help!


I have the same issue on ipad pro 5th gen. I am sharing audio, my students can hear (very low volume, though) and I can't hear a thing. 


Same issue for me. I had to share several videos with audio.  Last weekend I was sharing my screen and played music on shuffle. Randomly about 10mns into it the audio of one video wasn't working. Its not like I stopped sharing and re-shared either.  It just wasn't coming through. It was just on shuffle. I didn't know until someone had to tell me because I could hear it of course. Then today, my first video went fine and everybody heard it. Then with the 2nd video I shared 2mins later, no-one could hear it!


There doesn't seem to be anything connecting these issues except for a possible bug issue from the latest update. I've only had this issue the last 5 days? It's happened to 3 other friends too. We are all on Windows 10 if that helps.

Has anyone helped you with this? It's a new problem for us too.




I have a similar problem, I can hear the participants, but they can't hear me. Another time I couldn't hear them and they couldn't hear me.  My audio was on. I reloaded the discussion and had the same problem. Can someone please help.


I am a participant who is struggling to hear the video/music/words when they are screen shared.  Are there setting changes I can make on my own laptop to facilitate being able to hear?

I am having same problem...can hear the audio otherwise except when the instructor shared a video that had audio attached. Everyone else was able to hear...any solutions?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Marie1953 @Avery @naomi2 @Victoriah @EthanK I'd firstly advise updating your Zoom client to the latest version.


If you don't already know you're able to share sound while sharing content in-meeting! To share computer audio, you can click on 'Share Screen' to either share computer audio with your video you can check the 'Share sound' (Bottom left corner), or for music you can click on the advanced tab and click on 'Computer sound only.' 


Also, some configurations may help your screen-sharing experience as well.  As previously said, ensure that 'share computer audio' and 'optimize for video clip' when sharing content.


Within your Zoom desktop client settings under 'Share screen' click on 'Advanced' and check or uncheck, "Use Hardware acceleration to optimize video sharing", and see if that changes or makes a difference for your Screen sharing experience. Along with Checking or Unchecking, 'Use TCP Connection for screen sharing', which may improve your screen-sharing experience as well!


Hope this helps!

Zoom Community Moderator

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But my "share sound" and "optimized for video clip" button is inactive. why is that?