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Sharing problem


I have always used Zoom by creating a connection from the Mac and sharing my iPad with the Goodnotes app but now it seems to no longer work. I don't see the attendees and they don't see me plus when I write Goodnotes on the iPad the attendees see a black page. I use a Mac with Monterey 12.1 and an iPad with. iPadOS 15.1.


Zoom Moderator

Hi @stegra , thank you for using the Zoom Community to seek support. I see you asked your question a bit ago and have yet to receive a response… I apologize for the delay! I appreciate your patience.

Are you still experiencing this issue?



Zoom Community Team

yes, I still have the problem

Zoom Moderator

Can you try this?

system preferences—>sharing—>turn off AirPlay Receiver
Restart all devices

After that is done,  please try the airplay again. Keep me updated!


I did what you suggested but nothing has changed. Now I have updated to Monterey 12.3 and iPad OS 15.4 but the problem remains.

Zoom Moderator

Hi @stegra I have assisted in converting your inquiry into a support ticket to further investigate.  Please watch out for a follow-up email with information on your case.


Once you receive a resolution, please feel free to come back to this thread to update the community if you can 🙂 that way other members of the community with a similar question can easily find your thread. Thank you!