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Sharing/copying meeting invite link doesn't work in Indonesian UI


I am creating a meeting and want to invite others using invite link.


From Zoom with Indonesian UI, sharing/copying meeting invite link, only gives the text below



Normally, in Zoom with English UI, the text is something like the following


The meeting link above is displayed correctly in Zoom app but inviting others or copying the link, only gives ${gabungRapatUrl}.


The text ${gabungRapatUrl} is probably the translation of placeholder text ${joinMeetingUrl} and it probably shouldn't be translated to Indonesian.


In programming, it is common to use this kind of placeholder text/string and then later replace it with an actual/real value. Since the placeholder text itself is translated by the localization team, the replacement process in Zoom app doesn't match and I don't get the actual link.


By copying, I mean press + hold the displayed Invite Link.

By sharing or inviting, I mean pressing the Invite button and choosing Messaging/Copy Invite Link/ etc..


As mentioned below, the workaround is to change Android OS language to English.



Make sure the meeting you're trying to join isn't password protected. If it is, clicking a link to it may cause your connection to be rejected. Try joining the Zoom ID manually inside the Zoom window.

Thank you for your reply. I rephrased my post. I hope it now explains my situation better.


aku mengalami ini beberapa hari yang lalu, berbagai cara sudah aku lakukan seperti install ulang aplikasi zoom, kemudian update keyboard android, masih sama saja


kemudian aku mencoba merubah ke bahasa android ke bahasa inggris, dan link nya jadi muncul !


aku rasa permasalahannya ada di bahasa pemrograman, yang perintahnya jadi ikut berubah ke bahasa indonesia dan tidak dikenali


semoga membantu 🙂

workss!! terimakasih banyakk!!


Found out the exact same thing when using Bahasa Indonesia language, and somehow some people could not change Android language setting to other language (eg English).