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Shared local recording not showing in my recordings window


Please help. My team urgently needs to view recordings.

I've been troubleshooting this issue a lot and cannot find anything in the support knowledge based that solves it. 

In my zoom application - I can see my local recordings saved to my recordings folder that I initiated. When someone has shared a local recording with me, and I've saved it to the proper folder, it does not show up. The files in the folders of my initiated recordings and recordings shared with me from others are the same file types. This same issue occurs for me (paid subscription) as well as others in my team (free accounts). 


I'll attach screen shots to show:

  1. Zoom application - showing recordings I've initiated only
  2. File Explorer Zoom recording folder - meetings saved from other people
  3. Folder of meeting recoding initiated by me
  4. Folder of meeting recoding initiated by someone else and shared with me