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Share sound not working when sharing screen


I am part of a group that often uses share screen to play  video recordings with sound during our meetings.  Normally, we select Share Screen, select the window that contains the video, select Share Sound and select Share. Participants then mute their microphones and watch the video and hear the computer audio via zoom.  This past week Share Sound seems to have suddenly stopped working.  Participants can see the video but cannot hear sound, unless the person sharing the video leaves their microphone live with volume turned all the way up.  


Does anyone know what might be going on?  The problem occurs regardless of which participant is attempting to share the recording so it doesn't seem to be caused by the computer or individual operator.  


Would audio settings have anything to do with this problems?  Earlier, in order to hear a live performance, we were instructed to change our audio to original sound (which honestly didn't seem to make much difference to the quality of the live performance).  It has been since this that we began to experience this problem with Share Sound; although the problem occurred again today and the original sound was off.  


Any troubleshooting suggestions would be appreciated.






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Any changes to your setup? In the time between when this worked and when it stopped working, have any of the following events occurred?


  • Zoom Client upgraded or downgraded
  • Default audio device on your computer changed
  • Application shared with sound is different than one previously used
  • Selected audio devices in Zoom changed

This will help to isolate the issue to either a specific version of Zoom or your hardware. You are correct in that this is not expected behavior.


Can you also confirm what exactly you have had issues sharing? You mention sharing the 'window that contains the video' - just want to be sure you're sharing an application window (as opposed to an entire monitor/display), and if so, which application you're sharing and its default audio output device (example: Chrome, with Chrome using the laptop's internal speakers as its default audio device).