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Setting up a Zoom with Taiwanese members


Hello, I am trying to set up a Zoom meeting in the US, with Taiwanese participants working at a public university in Taiwan. I noticed Taiwan did not appear in the drop down menu for country call in codes, and I wanted to make sure that the site worked for Taiwanese public employees. I've seen conflicting reports about whether Zoom is allowed for Taiwanese government work, and whether universities would apply. 

Thank you very much.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @phantasm89.


The calling plan available by default is documented in this Zoom Support article:


The middle column is International (direct-dial) Numbers, and the right-side column is Tollfree Numbers.



Normally audio is easily obtained via the computer/internet, without resorting to telephone services.  Before pursuing a costly telephone plan to add these, I'd suggest verifying whether or not they can participate fully via an internet connection only.

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