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Setting up Zoom, device and landline telephone, for a social club of participants


Hi, I recently upgraded from a basic Zoom account to a Pro Zoom account. I was basic for the purpose of connecting with family, all who have smartphones/Computers with Zoom App. I have going to Pro Zoom for connecting with folks in several social clubs that I am a member of. The problem is some of the social club members have only landline telephones or cell phones that are not smart phones. It looks like that Pro Zoom does not accommodate telephone only participants. How do I get these telephone participants connected, is there another plan that will get me there?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Rsm47.


Pro plans and above allow connection via telephone from many countries at no charge.  The main requirement is that meetings are created with the "Both" option selected under "Audio".  Then copy the full invitation to the meeting which includes dial-up instructions.  While there is a "fast dial" link provided, anyone with a regular phone can call one of the numbers listed, enter the meeting ID and any passcode required, and join the call by phone only.


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