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Setting up Closed Captioning/Zoom Support/Bolt


I want to set up Closed captioning.  The instructions state to set up  a third party app and then go into details of programming the application.


But as I've found out every time using help here, the info is out of date and incomplete.  Where do I find a list of these services?  Do I have to pay?  Can I trust them?  Do I install them?


That's a big gap.  And simple questions such as, "Where is a list of 3rd party transcription services" in any form gets "I don't understand your question.  I've gone to tools to help me to re-write my questions at 2nd grade level.  But Bolt does not understand.  I've gone down to 3 word questions.  Bolt understands nothing!


And when it doesn't understand, there's link to reach a real human.  When you do, it won't go on until you open another application and pull up a number.  That number is hidden and requires you open another help article to find it.  But then there's no real reason to place that information in the request.   It's a wild goose chase to just reach anyone.


There's no way in the world that anyone has ever tested out Bolt and declared it to be good for consumption.  I can't find any reason for having it other than to prevent customers from finding answers and make them keep searching on their own and not burden Zoom with responding to questions.  But I would love to be proved wrong.

So, are there simple, up to date instructions for closed captioning that are up to date and include all of the necessary information including the services?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @GottaBeUserFrie –


I was confused the first time I set it up, too, so I sympathize with your situation!


 The easy answer is that the process you’re seeing (hopefully using this Zoom  Support article) is for both kinds of situations: those who want to use a third party service OR users who want to use Zoom’s built-in service.


 My recommendation: use the built-in service! Skip all the technical details, just enable the service using this Zoom Support article (skip anything related to third party services). 

I agree Bolt isn’t the best at answering many questions, but Bolt does help with a lot of simple questions — saving us Zoom Community volunteers some time to help you!

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