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Setting Up Zoom Classes sold on my check out page in GoHiLevel


I'm trying to have people purchase a registration to my class every Saturday through GoHiLevel and an automatic Zoom link generated for them.  I was not able to have more than one person shows up as an appointment booked for the first person who bought and recieved a Zoom link.  Not sure h to integrate the checking out in GoHILevel and Zoom sending a link to many people who buy for the class.



To enable multiple people to purchase a registration for your class on GoHiLevel and receive an automatic Zoom link, you can use a combination of GoHiLevel's automation features and Zoom's API.

First, you'll need to set up a webhook in GoHiLevel that triggers an automation when a new registration is purchased. In the automation, you can use the Zoom API to generate a unique Zoom link for each new registrant. You can then send these links to the registrants via email or text message using GoHiLevel's messaging feature or by using a third-party messaging service like WhatsApp.

To set up the webhook, go to your GoHiLevel account settings and click on "Integrations." Find the Zoom integration and enable it, then follow the prompts to connect your Zoom account. Once your Zoom account is connected, you can create a webhook that triggers when a new registration is purchased.

To generate a unique Zoom link for each registrant, you can use the Zoom API's "create meeting" endpoint. You'll need to include the registrant's name and email address in the API call to ensure that each registrant receives a unique link.

Once the API call is made, you can use GoHiLevel's messaging feature to send the Zoom link to each registrant via email or text message. Alternatively, you can use a third-party messaging service like WhatsApp to send the link.

By combining GoHiLevel's automation features with Zoom's API, you can streamline the registration and link generation process for your class, allowing multiple people to join each week.