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Setting Recording downloads off globally but with individual option to turn on


As a Zoom admin, I see where I can allow only the host to download a recording, but I want to know if an individual account owner on our tenant would still be able to turn this functionality on and allow their participants to download the recordings, if need be. Basically it is set up now that anyone can download a recording at the global level (admin level), but individuals would need to disallow that functionality. I am hoping to do the opposite.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @learndouglas, so what determines individuals to configure this setting at the Account level for all users determines whether this setting is enabled and locked. If locked, users on the account that aren't admins cannot configure this setting. So, if changes are made at the admin level and the setting is locked, the admin must unlock the setting before users at the account level can configure it.


However, you can take advantage of groups (group management) as well Look into our KB on Managing user groups and settings 



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