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Set speaking language




I just tried out the new CC settings in version 5.13 and now it is possible for one person to set the speaking language for everyone so automatic captions are shown in the correct language. The first person to do so has infinite power to mess up the captions for everyone, because even when the host sets the language after the first person activates the setting, this first person still has the ability to set another language for everyone in the meeting. We organize sessions with 3rd party attendees only, and many aren't used to Zoom and some will start exploring every button in sight without knowing what they are actually doing. So when the host hasn't thought of setting the language first (which will happen because they have a lot on their minds) the captioning can easily be spoiled for everyone. 

Therefore I have the following feature requests:


- Host override. The host should be able to set the speaking language regardless of the fact is he/she is the first to set the language and then no-one should be able to change that.

- Set speaking language when scheduling a new meeting. Only host should be able to change that in-meeting.