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Set default for "Swap video and shared screen"


When I have a meeting participant pinned and someone does a share screen, the share screen comes up large and makes the Pin video small.  In the upper right corner I can click View and select "Swap video and shared screen" and now the Pin video is large again and the share screen video becomes small and goes into the strip of videos above the Pin.  How do I set this as a default?  How do I make it so every time someone does a share screen, my Pinned video remains large?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @payday0023 

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a way to make that the default. Since the focus would generally be on the shared content, not on a particular participant, this is only an optional view, rather something that can be set as a default. 

Is there a specific reason you want to remain viewing a particular pinned participant, even after someone begins sharing? Just trying to understand your situation a bit better to provide possible alternatives for you. 

Sure, it's a very specific use-case  of a Zoom meeting.  These are depositions where one person (a witness) is testifying.  Occasionally a lawyer will share a document for the witness to look at but the court reporter also in the meeting does not need to see the document and would prefer to still see the witness pinned large on her screen.  Setting this as a default would remove that one small step of selecting "Swap video..." which is ideal because the court reporter is basically constantly typing so taking away any amount of clicking around in a Zoom meeting is preferred.


I have the same question. We have a second laptop connected to a display that should always show the active speaker. Regardless if this person is sharing content or not.