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Sending reminders for a meeting with registration


I would like to send reminders to registrants of a meeting with registration

If I send the link, they have to register again.
It is without tags/not personalized like in a webinar, or like the confirmation e-mail.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to send a reminder email for meetings. You would need to manually resend their confirmation emails, which can be done in groups, but not all at once. 

Thank you

Hi @Bort - how would you send a reminder to a group?

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @RM21 

This article goes through the steps on resending the confirmation emails:

You will only be able to resend those emails on a page-by-page basis, so that is what I mean by being able to resend in groups. 

Hi, I see you are listed as an employee and might still be at Zoom. Regarding reminders for meetings (the post in the Zoom Community), is there a feature request page or link we could go to request a new feature or change? I know other software like Anthology's Blackboard has this. 

Hi Bort, 

Are there any zoom integrations available yet to make it possible to send automatic meeting reminders to registrants?


yes! you can now use salepager [dot] com to integrate with zoom and send automatic meeting reminders to those who register

For a fee, it's not free, just FYI.


Can I mention this feature really should be added? I want to simply send a reminder that says "Hey Registrant,  Remember: We have a meeting that you registered for today. See you there!"


Kind of odd that Zoom doesn't allow that for Meetings, I know it has that feature for Webinars.

I agree.  This is an oversight that would save a lot of time and reduce no shows significantly.


I agree. It's very unclear why this feature would be needed only for webinars. I have numerous large group meetings that would be helpful to have reminders for.

Hi @kelli11 ! You can automatically send personalized zoom meeting reminders to registrants using salepager [dot] com

Is there any updated way directly through Zoom (not a separate platform such as to send a reminder to meeting registrants?


Yes, this is a needed feature!  I have a large meeting with 300 and climbing registrants and it's a pain for them to find the original confirmation email if they didn't add it to the calendar.



Agree! this is a HUGE need for my team. We want to use meetings for breakout rooms and see folks in the meeting with camera on (clients) vs. use webinar where we cant see their video! Please please add this feature!


Agreed, we'd love to see this feature added for meetings and not just webinars. Are there plans to do so natively, without using third-party integrations?