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Sending a message to all registrants for an upcoming meeting


Can anyone please tell me how I can send a message to all registrants of an upcoming meeting at once?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

You cannot send a generic message to all registrants through Zoom directly. What you can do through Zoom is edit the confirmation email with a bit of added info and then resend the confirmation email to all your registrants. This article goes through how to resend the confirmation emails:

To edit the confirmation email, you just need to switch to the Branding tab and edit that email template. Keep in mind, you can only add a bit to the email, not edit it entirely. 

Beyond that, you will just need download the registration report, take the emails from that, and use your own email service to send them all an email. 


It's under EMAIL SETTINGS tab and not the INVITATIONS tab when you scroll down. There's a line that says to reminder email to panelists and attendees. Click edit on that line and make sure you turn on allow confirmation emails. This was really confusing because the help article does not mention the EMAIL SETTINGS tab.


We are able to send to all registrants of an upcoming meeting at once using