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Sending Zoom Invites from Secondary Email Accounts


I work on a Mac, we use Outlook for our email. I have my work email account, and I also have access to the email accounts for our CEOs (through my Outlook, not signing into each one separately; each of the accounts are listed on the left side together, and I just click the one I need to work in). When sending a Zoom meeting invite for one of the CEOs (not to include me in the meeting), I send it from their email account and I add the Zoom meeting through an extension through Outlook. However, the invite email has my email signature and it says the invite is coming from me, but it does not go on my calendar, it is added to their calendar, and they are the host. When a meeting was supposed to start today, they could not get into it, even though they should've been the host. I was on a phone call and couldn't help them at the time, but, I checked my calendar and it wasn't on my calendar, so I wouldn't have been able to start the meeting either. Any advice on what I am doing wrong? Or does anyone have a better way to do this? I am new to Zoom, and using Outlook on a Mac is different than a PC, so I don't know how to resolve this, or how to do it better for next time. 



Sorry I can't help but I am having a similar issue with a pipedrive integration and zoom has been very unhelpful